What Is a Lottery Game

Lottery is one of gambling type. Lottery can be play with many people but only 1 person can get the grand prize. Prizes may vary, some giving money as grand prize, some prizes can be cars, houses, or any other interesting unaffordable product so people are interested to play lottery.

Lottery Picture

Basic lottery are commonly in form of number, or sequential number that people can choose what they desire to put as a lottery number. After that all the number collected or pool and then choosen / taken randomly showed or publicized for the winner number. Person that have the number in their ticket number is the winner. Sometimes they put 1st ,2nd, 3rd winners. This number lottery also called toto. Most toto lottery also offer other style of number betting but they are still in form of number lottery.

For some of country that allowed lottery gambling, they build company to organize the finance. This company make percentage from the prizes to give it to charity or some sort like that, also make this type of business to be transparancy for taxes to avoid money loundry.

Lottery concept are shown in mostly Television game show, when person or group have to draw or select some number or specific things in order to get the price and fight with others. Some TV game show also include other challange or obstacle but the concept are all same.

America has own lottery name called powerball with total of 1.5 billion dollar as prize for 3 winners. United Kingdom called EuroMillion with total 185 million euro for 1 winner. China has China Welfare Lottery with prize about 500 million yuan for 1 winner, Brazil has Mega-Sena with total 200 million Brazilian Real for 3 winner, Australia have OZ-lotto and prize about 100 million Australian dollar for 4 winners. Most prizes are exclude taxes and taxes may vary for each country depend from their policy.

There are a lot of lottery scam through internet, or mailbox. For example of scam are calling you as winner but you have to deposit certain amount of money in order to get the prize.