The Phenomenon of Horse Racing Competition

Horse racing is actually pure racing but really often related with gambling associated. Horse racing competition is usually on special track, can be round, sometimes it has obstacle or different surface. Race more than 4 horse, horse racing also has certain rules and type of race.

Begin in ancient times, horse racing were popular during ancient greece, babylon, syria, and egypt. In mythical history also written, roman history with chariot horse racing. This make horse racing even more popular for aristocrat and royal family in British as title name of “sport of king”.

Horse Racing Picture

Thoroughbred horse became popular and widely spread around the world. This breed must have sire and dam to be listed for horse racing society because they has to be known of it’s line of descent. Some competition allow non-thoroughbred horse. A horse that won many champhionship or race will be written in various book or website and retired horse will be send to stud to gettin their artificial insemination and embryo transfer for keeping his/her line of descent. The most expensive horse listed in auction was 16 million USD with name the green monkey, eventhough the most expensive horse doesn’t always to be winner or success in future. Breeding of thoroughbred is around 2,500 to 500,000 USD while horse itself have price start around 20,000 USD.

Horse racing gambling can be play on course, betting live, or even play at home with online gambling. Winning odd may vary, horse racing itself can be different in each country but basically they have standard thorouhbred racing or normal horse racing. Marketing the value of odd also can be differ to each horse or competition. Some superior horses can be low odd of winning.

Majority in Asia, country allow gambling on horse racing course such as Malaysia, Philippines, Macau, China, India, Japan, UAE, Singapore with some special regulation that goverment observed and watch their profit for high taxes.