Fun Roulette Game for Everyone

Roulette Picture

Roulette in French word mean little wheel. To play roulette, player can choose to place bet from number, colour, coloumn, row, odd, even, or any grouping numbers start from 0-36. Then the dealer will spin the wheel and place the ball while still spinning. Later on player keep waiting till the wheel start to slow down and ball is falling to specific number, those specific number with ball on it are shown and the players who bet on that is the winner.

Wooden Roulette Picture

Roulette is came from France in 18th century by Blaine Pascal. He was invented prepetual motion machine that has failed but accidentaly found it as theory of the roulette but mixing with theory of italian gaming biribi. In 19th century when roulette was imported to Monte Carlo, where this place is a gambling heaven for elite, the roulette was introduced with single zero. But American-style roulette is adopted with some modification of double zero layout betting table of roulette. This are payout table you can earn from betting of roulette table.

Payout bet

0 – paid 35 to 1

00 – paid 35 to 1

any number – paid 35 to 1

Row – 17 to 1

split – 17 to 1

street – 11 to 1

corner – 8 to 1

six line – 5 to 1

coloumns and dozens – 2 to 1

odd or even – 1 to 1

red or black – 1 to 1

1 to 18 – 1 to 1

19 to 36 – 1 to 1

There are some theory to gain winning chance. For example are intuitive analysis with getting know of chance from history of number that already shown, this theory are gaining the odd from number that haven’t shown. Other example theory is mathematical analysis, with mathematical calculation can be shown probability with assumption of the number that can be calculated in different mathematics theory. Anti-martingale theory is reversing loss from number in order to get multiple winning chance.