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Winter Survival Tips – Part Two

In the last article about winter survival, we conveyed the necessity of being properly dressed for a survival emergency. In Part Two of this series we want to address another universal principle of winter survival.

Winter Survival Tips – Part One

Winter Survival! The very words conjure up images of snow-laden trees, frozen streams and smoke curling gently upward from a warm fire. The fresh, crisp air coupled with the bare, black branches of leafless trees evoke memories of days long gone, an era long past, when longhunters in their buckskins roamed the vast tracks of wilderness in search of deer, bear and whatever other game was about. It was a time of freedom, of danger and seemingly endless opportunity when a young man with his rifle could make a lasting mark on his world using just his...

Cold Weather Survival – Using C.O.L.D. to Stay Warm In Winter

With the seasons changing and the cooler weather here, it is time to start thinking about staying warm and safe when the temps drop. Too many times have people succumb to the cold weather due to pure lack of skills and knowledge. Maybe even sometimes common sense, but that is another discussion.