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A Huge Chemical Spill Has Paralyzed West Virginia’s Capital

Life is increasingly difficult for many of the 300,000 West Virginia residents who have gone three days without clean tap water, the Associated Press reports.

30 Facts About The Coming Water Crisis That Will Change The Lives Of Every Person On The Planet

The world is rapidly running out of clean water. Some of the largest lakes and rivers on the globe are being depleted at a very frightening pace, and many of the most important underground aquifers that we depend on to irrigate our crops will soon be gone. At this point, approximately 40 percent of the entire population of the planet has little or no access to clean water, and it is being projected that by 2025 two-thirds of humanity will live in “water-stressed” areas.

SHTF Water Conservation

Water will be a major problem post-collapse, we all know this and we store water accordingly but we can never, ever have enough stored water to keep us going indefinitely. We are going to have to become very savvy about how we use what we have whilst still trying to maintain enough to drink, bodily hygeine and home cleanliness. This is going to be a major challenge, possibly the biggest challenge we will face in a collapse situation and anything we can do to eek out our supply will be a major boon in what will surely be very difficult times.

“We Can’t Even Get a Bottle of Water”

This is why we prepare!! What are your thoughts on this?

Gear Review: The PurifiCup

Survival. A very simple term that carries a lot of weight. The meaning between life and death. What determines survival? Having the skills and resources to survive any adverse situation you may encounter. You will not survive without the basic life sustaining necessities. One of those is clean water. We know that many of our readers are always looking for ways to stay prepared, so it becomes our responsibility to test gear that will be beneficial to you.

Ensure a Safe Water Supply

If you live in a rural area where you do not have “city” water then you probably get your water from your own well. It doesn’t matter whether it is a drilled well or a dug well; it still takes electricity to pump it into your sinks and toilets. In the event of a major storm, terrorist attack or just plain malfunction, the loss of electricity means the loss of water for your household.