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Gear Review: The PurifiCup

Survival. A very simple term that carries a lot of weight. The meaning between life and death. What determines survival? Having the skills and resources to survive any adverse situation you may encounter. You will not survive without the basic life sustaining necessities. One of those is clean water. We know that many of our readers are always looking for ways to stay prepared, so it becomes our responsibility to test gear that will be beneficial to you.

Exotac Titanium Water Bottle

Exotac Bottle
We have seen the boom in water bottles. From nalgene to stainless steel; folks are relying on water bottles more than ever. The Titanium Water Bottle from Exotac is the newest kid on the block. With more and more items being offered in Titanium, it is not surprise to see this new product. The bottle holds 22 ounces (650ml) of your favorite beverage.