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Ebola Outbreak Confirmed In Guinea

Editor’s Note: There are now mainstream media outlets reporting this is not the ebola virus. While we tend to take some information with a grain of salt, it is important to consider the facts in any case in order to make an educated decision. We will let you decide what you deem to be true or untrue in this situation. CONAKRY, Guinea — Samples from victims of a viral hemorrhagic fever that has killed more than 50 people in Guinea have tested positive for the Ebola virus, government officials said Sunday, marking the first time an outbreak...

Human Fatality Rate 60%: “Grave Concerns that H5N1 Will Become Easily Transmissible Between Humans”

Canadian health officials have admitted they are confused over how a fit and healthy 20 year old hospital worker has died of H5N1.

‘Unpredictable pandemics’ warning

The world needs to be prepared for “unpredictable pandemics” from viruses making the leap from animals to people, scientists in Taiwan say.

Mysterious new MERS virus spreads easily, deadlier than SARS

LONDON –  A mysterious new respiratory virus that originated in the Middle East spreads easily between people and appears more deadly than SARS, doctors reported Wednesday after investigating the biggest outbreak in Saudi Arabia.

MERS virus: a “threat to the entire world”, says World Health Organization

The new Sars-like respiratory illness which has killed half of the people who have been infected with it is a “threat to the entire world”, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned.

Avoiding Typhus Post-Collapse

Typhus is also caused by lice, not the head lice type, but the body louse. There is always an emergence of typhus during wars, after natural disasters and when homelessness or lack of sanitation increases. Typhus in camp environments is commonplace.

WHO: New flu passes more easily from bird to human

BEIJING (AP) — A new strain of bird flu that emerged in China over the past month is one of the “most lethal” flu viruses so far, worrying health officials because it can jump more easily from birds to humans than the one that started killing people a decade ago,World Health Organization officials said Wednesday.