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Actual Unemployment Rate 37.2%, Not 6.7%, Says Wall Street Adviser

Forget the highly manipulated federal unemployment rate number under the Obama regime, says a Wall Street Adviser. The number is fraudulent.

Over One Million Lose Unemployment Benefits

Where is our country headed? The lame stream media reports that our economy is improving and the unemployment numbers are getting better. What planet are they on? With this recent move of stopping the emergency benefits, now over one million and maybe even two million people will have no income to depend on.

One In Three Americans Are Invisible to Government Employment Statistics

With recovery in full swing and unemployment dropping to an Obama administration near record low of 8.2%, the US economy seems to be bouncing back stronger than ever. Unless, of course, you look at the numbers no one in mainstream media, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, or the administration is talking about. As many of our readers already know, the official unemployment rates released monthly by the BLS (U-3, U-6) fail to account for one very key figure – those individuals who are no longer in the labor force.