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Wearing Body Armor during War Time

War time is a terrible time. No one will deny this. This is the time, when people shed their own blood because some people from the authorities have decided that they can be in command of lives of other people. This is when two individuals are going against each other and only one comes out alive, at least for some period. It is obviously absolutely unwise to not wear body armor during war time.

Chest Rigs Build To Order From DoomsDay Armory

A short time ago we introduced you to the folks at DoomsDay Armory and let you know that they carry the hottest chest rigs on the market. Well they have take things a step further and I felt it was worth mentioning because I know our readers are ALWAYS looking for the best deal out there.

Gear Review: RIBZ Front Pack

We all like bags and packs. Some would refer to preppers as pack rats or even hoarders due to the amount of gear and supplies we keep. I know most folks are always on the hunt for that one bag or pack that just fits the bill for most uses. Whether it be a bug-out / go bag or even for hitting the trails; you know we are always on the lookout for products or services that make your lives easier when it comes to preparedness. This is where I would like to introduce RIBZ Sportswear. You can read the preview I had written about them here. After checking...

5.11 Tactical Vest Review

I used to carry a lot of stuff with me, but as with anything else in life, tastes and styles change. So, I find myself carrying what I believe I will use that day. I do keep a B.O.B. close by, but not a lot of gear on my person. I am a firm believer in preparedness and planning ahead, so I decided to try something different. This leads me to today’s review; the Concealed Carry Tactical Vest by 5.11 Tactical. I felt I needed to expand my horizons and break out of the ordinary, so I decided to give the a vest a try as I have not worn one...