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Gear Review: RIBZ Front Pack

We all like bags and packs. Some would refer to preppers as pack rats or even hoarders due to the amount of gear and supplies we keep. I know most folks are always on the hunt for that one bag or pack that just fits the bill for most uses. Whether it be a bug-out / go bag or even for hitting the trails; you know we are always on the lookout for products or services that make your lives easier when it comes to preparedness. This is where I would like to introduce RIBZ Sportswear. You can read the preview I had written about them here. After checking...

Body Armor: Because If You’re Shooting Down Range, You Can Bet Someone’s Shooting Back At You

Food… check. Water… check. Guns and ammo… check. Gold, silver and bartering supplies… check.

Gear Preview: Mechanix Wear M-Pact Covert Glove

When we talk about gear; we tend to overlook certain pieces of gear that are detrimental to our survival out in the field. Whether you are in the shooting range, or hiking in the mountains, you need to be ready for anything at all times. Isn’t that what preparedness is all about? Well the folks at Mechanix Wear have the same idea.

Magazine Reload Drill

I’ve been promising to do this for a while now, so here it is Ebbs! Hopefully this will help you guys when you train or if you decide to run a combat effective gun at one of those competitions or something.

Rifle Shooting Form – How to Shoot

Welcome to this How to Shoot Gun Review from Haus of Guns! If you’re unfamiliar with our“Beginner’s Guide” and “How-To” series of post, they go live every Friday morning as an ongoing development to help beginners and rookies new to our sport learn skills they may not otherwise learn from an experienced marksman.

Gear Preview: RIBZ Front Pack

We are always on the lookout for products we  feel our readers will not just like; but actually benefit from. When we scour the Internet, we find so many bug out bags, go bags, 72 hour bags, etc. While I was looking for gear that would compliment our beginning hiking series, I came across the Front Pack from a company called RIBZ Sportswear located in sunny San Diego, CA.

ALL NEW Russian Izhmash AK-12 Rifle

I have to thank my amigo, Nicholas from FirearmApparel.com (just went through a site redesign and this dude spits out new shirt designs DAILY. Think I’m playing? Check them out!) for turning us on to this article through our Facebook Page this morning.