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Gear Review: Ravencrest Tactical Jackal Alpha OTF Knife

If you have read any of our previous knife reviews, you know that we have a serious affliction for sharp and pointy objects. This review is different from the others as it was a learning experience as well. I will elaborate more on this in a few, so stay tuned. Ravencrest Tactical are new players on the block in the knife industry. The team at Ravencrest Tactical is making some serious waves in the knife world and we had the opportunity to find out what all the hub bub was about. We got our hands on the Jackal Alpha Out-The-Front knife. Moving...

Self Defense Primer: Add A Stick Or Baton To Your Abilities

Recently on Twitter we made a comment about being more proactive with training for 2014. We were serious!

Tactical Primer: Airsoft

Some of our readers incorporate tactical training in their preparedness program and I applaud this. Getting up off the couch and training is excellent and steps up your game 100 fold. Here is something we feel may help you sharpen your game…Airsoft with your Airsoft Mask.

Defensive Positions for Movement during SHTF

Many of us have a hard time with watching military related movies and television shows. You see all the bad habits and out right crappy tactics, techniques and procedures where all the guy congregated together, point their weapons at each other, talk loud, have no idea of what conceal or concealment is,…and,…… try as you might to realize that this is a movie or television show, where they all have to fit into the camera frame, it still ruins it for me.

Chest Rigs Build To Order From DoomsDay Armory

A short time ago we introduced you to the folks at DoomsDay Armory and let you know that they carry the hottest chest rigs on the market. Well they have take things a step further and I felt it was worth mentioning because I know our readers are ALWAYS looking for the best deal out there.

Snake Hound Machine UBR – Ultimate Battle Rifle

The UBR, or Ultimate Battle Rifle is a concept that I’ve been kicking around for a long time. Something that I would design, scratch out, then design again as I found new parts that I thought would work better than what I had already picked out.

AR-15 Style Rifle Safety Tip

Today I want to share a safety tip for those that have decided to keep an AR-15 rifle in Condition 3 (The chamber is empty and hammer is down with a charged magazine in the gun). Typically this is used for “trunk guns” or law enforcement patrol rifles. Occasionally someone in a rural area may choose this combination of firearm and condition of loading for a home defense firearm. However, living in a subdivision, I worry about over penetration so I use a shotgun instead.