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Finding Peace In Chaos

If you consider yourself a prepper, I am sure you are in a constant state of worry whether you want to admit it or not. For some people, just the thought of preparing for a disaster or catastrophe creates stress. The bad part is that nothing has even happened yet and you may be stressed out. So how will you cope if and when something happens?

Great Ways to Carry Emergency Cash

As part of my Every Day Carry (EDC) I always like to keep enough cash on had to at least buy an entire tank of gas.  When I travel on business I like to have at least $1,000 in cash with me at all times.  Carrying cash is always a challenge because, if lost, can’t be replaced like a credit card.  This is why it is important to spread your cash around and never keep in all in one place (like your wallet).

The Original Inhabitants Of This Land

The Internet is filled with resources which discuss survival and preparedness. One aspect of these two topics that is often overlooked are the folks who actually lived this lifestyle; the original inhabitants of this country. I don’t refer to them as Native Americans because this land was not named America when they were the sole inhabitants. Though there were different tribes, they shared one common goal; day to day survival. There is so much we can learn from the way they lived then, and in some ways, now. Before I continue; we will not...

Could You Turn Them Away?

This past weekend during the chat we have on Twitter which is #Preppertalk; an interesting question was asked. The question was.. “What will you do when strangers come to your door looking for food?”. Of course this is during or after a SHTF event. My immediate thought was to turn them away, as this is a result of what we have read about in the many places. We will get into this later. The conversation went very well and the information many of the folks provided was very helpful. While there are no right or wrong answers, it made me...

Movie Review: The Road

I know this movie The Road came out in 2009, but I just watched it. I didn’t realize what it was until someone recommended it to me. Now, this is all my opinion and interpretation of the movie and I don’t claim to be a movie expert. So here is what I thought. I cannot say if I liked it or not. The start of the movie gave me an idea of what might have happened to cause the catastrophe. What do I think happened? Either a super volcanic eruption or a meteor/asteroid hit the earth. I don’t think it was nuclear as it appears this...

The Worlds Smallest Survival Kit by EOS

Our readers diligently try to remain prepared for whatever comes their way, and we try to keep them informed of anything which may help them achieve this goal. Whether you are going to work or hitting the trails; we are always looking for ways to lighten the load. In light of the recent natural events, we have begun to collect information on items which we feel deserves a second look. The staff at Elements of Survival have designed The World’s Smallest Survival Kit. The kit is very small and weighs 1.5 ounces. It is comprised of 22 items which...

New Book: “Survivors” by James Wesley, Rawles

Today is the release of the new book from James Wesley, Rawles; “Survivors”. If you have read Mr. Rawles’ first book “Patriots”, then this book will be on your list. We look forward to reading it and providing a review. You can order your copy from here.