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Since our start in 2011, our mission has been to provide our readers with the best information and news that we deemed necessary to keep each of you informed and prepared. It has been a great journey and we have met so many wonderful people along the way. It has been an honor in which the majority of our readers have been with us since the beginning and you have watched us grow over the years.

30 Facts About The Coming Water Crisis That Will Change The Lives Of Every Person On The Planet

The world is rapidly running out of clean water. Some of the largest lakes and rivers on the globe are being depleted at a very frightening pace, and many of the most important underground aquifers that we depend on to irrigate our crops will soon be gone. At this point, approximately 40 percent of the entire population of the planet has little or no access to clean water, and it is being projected that by 2025 two-thirds of humanity will live in “water-stressed” areas.

18 Things to Like About Being a Survivalist

It safe to say that if you live off the grid in the wilderness your lifestyle is very different from the urban/suburban day-to-day.  We’ve replaced driving to work, working in a cubicle all day, driving home so tired that after dinner all the energy that is left goes into watching TV, with full days of physical labor that may tire the body but invigorates the soul.