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Homemade Fuel Cubes With 30+ Minute Burn Time!

If you are looking for a good tip on homemade fire starters, check these out. With a long burn time, these look worthwhile to make.

Cold Weather Survival: How To Build A Heat Reflector

You are lost in the woods and the temperature is quickly dropping. We already know that building a fire is priority, but a conventional campfire only provides so much heat. What about building a heat source that can be more focused on one area?

How to Treat a Shoulder Dislocation

Most folks know basic life saving skills (treating lacerations, CPR, etc.), but have you ever contemplated having to deal with a dislocated joint? I know from experience that this tends to freak people out. Which is a natural reaction to something you are not exposed to on a daily basis, but how do you address the issue at hand?

Make a Wilderness Survival Candle

Randy Hood from Econo Challenge Tips and Tricks explains how to make a wilderness survival candle in this video. The candle is made with recycled materials and is reusable, so is perfect for campers wanting to leave no trace.

Build An Effective Rocket Stove On The Cheap

Rocket Stoves are great and reliable for a long term survival situation. They don’t cost much to build and require little to use. I came across this video and had to share it with our readers.

Edible Bugs for Survival Food

When it comes to survival, food is one thing you can’t live very long without. For those stranded in the wilderness, getting a reliable source of food can be quite challenging, leaving bugs as the only source of food. It is however important have an idea of how to identify the edible bugs from those that are potentially harmful to the body, in terms of toxicity. Apart from forming a source of food for survival purposes, eating edible bugs can be one of the most fulfilling experiences for anyone in the wild.

Making Faraday Cages

The information to follow on building “Faraday cages” is timely indeed. A single atmospheric nuclear detonation releases enough electromagnetic pulse (EMP) to equal 100,000 volts per meter (V/m). A single detonation 200 to 400 miles over the center of the continental United States would fry every unprotected computer chip from coast to coast, and from the middle of Canada to the middle of Mexico. And we are now into Solar Cycle 23, with solar flares common and expected to continue until the first of next year. CME’s are capable...