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Ultimate Bug Out Kit

If you have not prepared a bug-out bag, you should give some of the kits from a look. One of their kits is the Ultimate Bug Out Kit. It appears to not only contain some vital necessities, but it also has some space in the bag for your personal items. If you are looking for a pre-packaged kit, give the ultimate kit a look. This kit contains the following: Food and Water: 6 Boxes of Aqua Blox Water Boxes 6 – 400 Calorie Food Bars (2400 Calories) 10 Water Purification Tablets – each tablet purifies 1 liter of water Light...

New Book: “Survivors” by James Wesley, Rawles

Today is the release of the new book from James Wesley, Rawles; “Survivors”. If you have read Mr. Rawles’ first book “Patriots”, then this book will be on your list. We look forward to reading it and providing a review. You can order your copy from here.

Preppers: Which Type Are You?

The term Prepper, is defined through Wikipedia as; “A “survivalist” or “prepper” is an individual or group that prepares or makes preparations in advance of, or prior to, any change in normal circumstances or lifestyle without significant reliance on other persons or without substantial assistance from outside resources”. There is more to the definition, but I just wanted to give you a brief synopsis. It is my belief that there are different types of preppers out there and they cannot be thrown into one category....