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Paracord: 101 Uses

Like the next guy or gal, I love paracord. It is a handy tool that has multiple uses, but have you ever heard of 101 uses for it? While researching information on the Internet, we came across a video that while it had come funny in it, it also had some great ideas we felt we should share with our readers.


When I first started shooting modern crossbows several years ago, I had no idea what to expect. Like many who had never played with them, these tools confused me. I had seen them on TV, but without ever handling one, I wasn’t sure about a lot of things. How do you load one? How do you pull the string back? What’s the trigger like? Do they kick, like a rifle? Are they noisy? Are they accurate? How far away can you accurately shoot one? Do they have enough power to kill a deer?

Defensive Positions for Movement during SHTF

Many of us have a hard time with watching military related movies and television shows. You see all the bad habits and out right crappy tactics, techniques and procedures where all the guy congregated together, point their weapons at each other, talk loud, have no idea of what conceal or concealment is,…and,…… try as you might to realize that this is a movie or television show, where they all have to fit into the camera frame, it still ruins it for me.

Is Syria A Glimpse Of The Future?

If you follow the news (with a grain of salt) as I do, you have heard something about the tragedy in Syria. I am not referring to political parties, beliefs, ideology, etc., I am talking about the human tragedy which is occurring. Innocent men, women, and children, have been slaughtered and for what? There is a militia which is giving the government troops hell and the brave men want freedom from the coward who currently runs their country. But is this something new?

A Guide to Asymmetric Living

Not too long ago Andrew Tuohy from Vuurwapen Blog posted a video titled I am not a “sheepdog” This echoed many sentiments that I have had for a long time. The moniker “sheepdog” as ‘one who loyally obeys the shepherd and protects the sheep’ did not sit well with me. The term sheepdog has always bothered me. I will fight for myself and my loved ones. I’m not here to protect everyone.