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Managing Unknown Contacts

I’ve been on the road now teaching citizen self defense courses for about a year, and it’s been very educational for me. I’ve been able to improve my own course work based on student feedback and more importantly I’ve been able to prioritize the presentation of my material.As everyone probably knows at this point I’m a fanatic about contextually underscored training. We should always be examining the problem and focus our solutions accurately.Tactics, I’ve come to realize in the citizen self defense world are more often than not,...

How Would You React?

The moment you step outside your home you become prey for the predators. I know that some self defense instructors may disagree with me on this, but even folks with years of training can still be eaten by predators. So what do you do? Carry a gun with a lot of ammo? Carry the latest and greatest in self defense products? The answer is no.

What Is Situational Awareness?

Self defense, or survival, involves much more than just “techniques”. You must understand how the body reacts to fear. You must understand the nature of stress.   You must also understand that if you react to a situation as soon as it gets physical you have reacted too late. You must Pre-react, you must first size up the situation.