Wall Street Adviser: Stock Up On Guns and Ammo For The Collapse

It’s not everyday you hear a Wall Street adviser telling America to start packing heat in preparation for whats coming, but that’s exactly what David John Marotta says you should be doing. Marotta says that at all times you should have a “bug-out bag” that includes food, a gun and ammo to help stay alive. This bag should have you prepared for at least 72 hours.

Is It Really Time To Get Out Of The City?

I receive a fair number of videos, emails and articles about the coming financial crash. It is always nigh. It is always imminent. And preparing for it always involve getting away from the teaming masses.

On Borrowed Time: “They’re Going to Turn the Blame Directly on You”

If you regularly follow establishment media and you’ve fallen for the notion that the stock market is the primary measure for economic health in this country, then you probably also believe that the recovery has taken hold, that the economy is growing, and that our elected officials have done a great job dealing with the crisis.

A Huge Chemical Spill Has Paralyzed West Virginia’s Capital

Life is increasingly difficult for many of the 300,000 West Virginia residents who have gone three days without clean tap water, the Associated Press reports.

Is NASA Lying About Comet ISON?

Is NASA lying about Comet ISON as shared in this newly released video from Paul Begley? With the planet Earth about to run head first into the approaching debris field of ISON, we’ve got to ask, what are they hiding?

The Solar Max Has Begun: 28 Flares Erupt from Sun in One Week

Every 11 years the sun goes through a period referred to by astronomers and scientists as the Solar Max, or Solar Maximum, when the sun experiences its peak activity with the potential to consistently release powerful solar flares and coronal mass ejections towards earth. After a relatively quiet 2011 and 2012, it looks as if the sun is finally waking back up.

10 Tips for Surviving Martial Law When It Hits

Have you ever thought about what you would do if martial law was declared in America? Surprisingly most people haven’t, however it should be a concern to people as the police state in is now running rampant, it’s totally out of control. It’s a whole new world out there on the “battlefield”, i.e. American soil, after the implementation of the National Detention Authorization Act (NDAA). Most Police forces in the U.S. have become now Federalized under new laws and terrorism provisions implemented after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on America...