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Shotguns for Home Defense

Defending your castle. This should not only come naturally but you should always look for ways to improve. One tool that most people look to for home defense is the shotgun. While there are so many choices in the market, there are still some basics that you should follow and think about when it comes to shotguns.

Video: Choosing The Right Type Of Shotgun For You

There are a million articles and videos on what’s the best firearm for home defense or even preparedness. You will speak with people who like this gun or that gun and sometimes they give you very solid points on why. Most folks just want something they can comfortably shoot, hit the intended target with, and something that will not break the bank in the process. So let’s take a look at shotguns.

The NEW OD Green KelTec KSG Bullpup Shotgun

The KelTec KSG Shotgun isn’t new to us. But the KelTec KSG Shotgun in OD Green is VERY new to us. We did an early gun review on it a LONG time ago. Basically because a bullpup designed shotgun seems awesome regardless of who makes it. Then take dual tube magazines stacked side by side, cover the gun in picatinny rails and you’ve got a serious argument for primary home defense weapon and more. At just 26″ in overall length and an 18″ barrel, this gun is stubby at best.

H&R Pardner Pump Protector 12 Gauge Shotgun Preview

I am an advocate of home defense. I believe it is one’s God given right to defend their loved ones, and it is human instinct to protect those we love from harm. How we accomplish this, is another story. With so many choices of firearms on the market; it can honestly drive someone nuts trying to figure out what would best fit their needs for home defense. In honesty, it is also a turn-off for some folks and they usually end up choosing a weapon that really does not fit their needs. I have my basic “3-gun” group that I live by;...