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Split Second Decisions

There are so many articles on the Internet from people, especially “prepper” websites, in regards to “what would you do in a SHTF situation” scenario. To be honest with you it gets old. In reality, only a fraction of the authors have ever been in a life or death situation where they could not only talk from experience, but give solid advice on what to do if you are ever faced with something like it. While the rest of them are people who are giving their opinions (and you know what they say about opinions), on what they would...

Surviving SHTF With A Glock Pistol?

I know this post is going to start a firestorm, but I came across a video which I felt would stir the pot a little. Now let me first say that I am not promoting any particular brand of pistol, but I know Glock has been long debated amongst our firearms loving friends. So I thought this post may be appropriate for everyone to see different models of Glock pistols in action.

If They Want It, They Will Take It

This video has been circulating around the Internet. The incident takes place in a Brazilian city. As you will see, thugs are ruthless when it comes to taking something they want.

Woman Flees Capitol Checkpoint, Executed By Cops

Something about this does not sit well with me. There are too many open holes in the story, but in the end an unarmed woman was shot dead by the militarized police at the U.S. Capitol Building. Did she have a mental illness like the media is reporting? Possibly. Or did she (like many Americans) refuse to submit to her Constitutional rights being violated through an unlawful search of her vehicle?

No Hesitation: Watch Security Guard Quick-Draw and Take Down Three Armed Assailants

Thousands of rounds fired downrange during target practice. Hours spent war-gaming possible worst-case scenarios. Time and energy dedicated to preparing the mind and body for confrontation. For one security guard his obvious dedication paid off, and more than likely saved his life.

Was this a False Flag? Colorado Batman shooting shows obvious signs of being staged

(NaturalNews) James Holmes, the Aurora, Colorado shooter who reportedly opened fire at a Batman movie premiere, was a medical student at the University of Colorado, pursuing a PhD in neuroscience, reports ABC News. (…)

Mass shooting in Aurora movie theater

I woke up to this news today. Folks cannot even attend a movie without having to deal with a tragedy like this. Our readers need to have situational awareness wherever you go. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and families of this horrible tragedy.