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Split Second Decisions

There are so many articles on the Internet from people, especially “prepper” websites, in regards to “what would you do in a SHTF situation” scenario. To be honest with you it gets old. In reality, only a fraction of the authors have ever been in a life or death situation where they could not only talk from experience, but give solid advice on what to do if you are ever faced with something like it. While the rest of them are people who are giving their opinions (and you know what they say about opinions), on what they would...

Gear Review: The Coin Sap By Foster Impact Devices

The sap; also called a slapper, slap jack, or beavertail sap is a highly effective impact device. According to Wikipedia; “A sap has a flat profile as opposed to a cylindrical profile of a blackjack, and spreads its impact out over a broader area, making it less likely to break bone. It was primarily used for head strikes, intended to stun an opponent or render him or her unconscious”. While these weapons have a rich history with law enforcement if the past, it still can be used as an effective tool for the law abiding citizen today....

Gear Preview: Foster Impact Devices Coin Sap

Are you the ‘gray man or woman” when you are out and about? Do you keep a low profile and tend to stay in the background? If so, then we have something you may be interested in. If you have read our past articles, you know that we take self defense/self preservation seriously. We strongly believe that you should have the right (and ability) to protect yourself and your loved ones. We are aware that many of our readers may not be allowed to carry a firearm in the state they reside (unjust laws), but don’t fear, we are going to introduce...

Family of Dead Armed Robber Speaks Out Against CCP Holder Who Shot Him & Calls For Stricter Gun Laws

While this is not the first time this has happened, and it certainly won’t be the last, I am just baffled on what people think sometimes. Here is what happened: On the video Dante Williams is clearly seen entering a South Carolina Waffle House, pointing a gun at employees and customers and attempting to rob the restaurant. Justin Harrison was eating at the bar. Harrison, a concealed carry permit holder, was armed. He waited for an opportunity, shot Williams, and attempted to detain the second suspect. Watch Video Here If this thug’s...

Managing Unknown Contacts

I’ve been on the road now teaching citizen self defense courses for about a year, and it’s been very educational for me. I’ve been able to improve my own course work based on student feedback and more importantly I’ve been able to prioritize the presentation of my material.As everyone probably knows at this point I’m a fanatic about contextually underscored training. We should always be examining the problem and focus our solutions accurately.Tactics, I’ve come to realize in the citizen self defense world are more often than not,...

VIDEO: A Great Example Of Being Prepared

You don’t have to be a prepper to be prepared. Every person possesses basic human survival instincts, so this should not come as a surprise. I don’t know anyone who will just allow themselves or loved ones to be harmed or placed in harms way.

Radio Show: On the Edge with Kelly Worden

Everyone should always seek information from experts out in the field. Whether it is survival, homesteading, or preparedness we shouldn’t give up on our quest for knowledge and skills.