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Mainstream Doctors Say Supporting the 2nd Amendment is a Mental Disorder

The medical industry in conjunction with Big Pharma want to classify the right to keep and bear arms as a mental disorder in another power grab to circumvent and eventually destroy our Constitutional 2nd Amendment.


With the United Nations poised to sign an international arms treaty that would regulate global arms sales and ownership, and Congressional members just days ago attempting to sneak a nationwide restriction on “high capacity magazines” into a cyber security bill, the attack on firearm ownership in America is now in full swing.

I “NEED” More Guns…. Right?

*Warning: This post contains heavy portions of truth mixed with sarcasm. Proceed with caution. I love mastering a couple of particular guns. Every time I go the range these guys go with me for practice and training no matter what I’m reviewing or focusing on that day: The Glock 22 RTF2, Kahr CW9, most likely the Volquartsen Superlite that is now in my possession and my modified AKM/WASR. Right now it’s these 3 or 4 guns. EVERY time.

Five Words For the United Nations: FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS

In January of this year reports began surfacing that members of the United Nations were conspiring with American politicians to further erode the Second Amendment rights of the people of these United States:

Bank of America Targets US Firearms and 2nd Amendment – Kelly McMillan

From SGTreport McMillan International Group and SGTreport have a lot in common. They make guns. SGTreport writes and reports the real news. And Bank of America is a fan of neither. Last year was the target of a series of vicious attacks from IP addresses all linking back to the fractional reserve banking giant, here’s the proof.

“Guns” I Think You Should Read This

I am passing this along…there are comments from two other people I have also been asked if we keep guns in the house. The nurse just kinda slipped it in along with all the other regular questions. I told her I refused to answer because it was against the law to ask. Everyone, whether you have guns or not, should give a neutral answer so they have no idea who does and who doesn’t.

NRA Official Claims Obama Plans to Outlaw All Guns During His Second Term

Obama plans to end 2nd amendment? A top NRA official has gone on the record with his belief that if Obama is elected for a second term he plans to effectively end the 2nd amendment with an all out ban on guns. NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre said that Obama’s 1st term low key approach on gun rights was a conspiracy to ensure reelection for a second term where he plans a full destruction of Americans 2nd amendment rights.