RIBZ Front Pack Special Offer

As you are well aware, we recently reviewed the RIBZ Sportswear Front Pack. It was a fun and awesome product to test and the team at RIBZ enjoyed the review. Not only are they a great group, but they also wanted to pass along something to our readers. They have created a special discount code which will provide FREE SHIPPING!! That’s right folks, FREE SHIPPING!!

Gear Review: RIBZ Front Pack

We all like bags and packs. Some would refer to preppers as pack rats or even hoarders due to the amount of gear and supplies we keep. I know most folks are always on the hunt for that one bag or pack that just fits the bill for most uses. Whether it be a bug-out / go bag or even for hitting the trails; you know we are always on the lookout for products or services that make your lives easier when it comes to preparedness. This is where I would like to introduce RIBZ Sportswear. You can read the preview I had written about them here. After checking...

Gear Preview: RIBZ Front Pack

We are always on the lookout for products we  feel our readers will not just like; but actually benefit from. When we scour the Internet, we find so many bug out bags, go bags, 72 hour bags, etc. While I was looking for gear that would compliment our beginning hiking series, I came across the Front Pack from a company called RIBZ Sportswear located in sunny San Diego, CA.