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Five Ways to Use Aluminum Foil as a Survival Tool

Survival tools don’t have to be expensive or hard to find. One example is  aluminum foil. I have a piece along in virtually all my survival kits. Here are five uses for aluminum foil in survival situations. by Leon Pantenburg Some common, everyday items can do double-duty as survival tools. I don’t know how the pioneers ever got along without duct tape, WD-40 or paper towels. To that list I would add aluminum foil.

Simple Survival Tips – Using “C.O.L.D.” to Stay Warm In Winter

Most military personnel are taught to use the simple acronym “C.O.L.D.” to stay warm during cold weather. It is useful in remembering the important things you need to do to keep your body warm during periods of cold weather. Here is an explanation of that simple acronym.

The Original Inhabitants Of This Land

The Internet is filled with resources which discuss survival and preparedness. One aspect of these two topics that is often overlooked are the folks who actually lived this lifestyle; the original inhabitants of this country. I don’t refer to them as Native Americans because this land was not named America when they were the sole inhabitants. Though there were different tribes, they shared one common goal; day to day survival. There is so much we can learn from the way they lived then, and in some ways, now. Before I continue; we will not...

Emergency Apps For Your iPhone

Whether you are heading to work or the wilderness; a crucial part of your everyday carry gear are the preparations you have made for medical emergencies. You can have a great emergency medical kit with you, but if you don’t know how to properly use the items in the kit, they are almost worthless. For many of our readers who have been in emergency situations, things get hectic and you can forget vital information. This is natural. Most folks carry a smartphone with them and they are jam packed with Apps. We would like to suggest some Apps which...