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Merry Christmas From PurifiCup

The generous folks at PurifiCup truly love giving back to our readers. So in the Christmas spirit, they have created a special coupon code for you to use. If you have been thinking about getting portable water purification for yourself or maybe even your loved ones, here is your chance. The gift of clean water is one of the greatest preparedness products you could give.

Please Welcome Our New Supporters

You know we believe in having the best and most reliable gear when it comes to preparedness. So we wanted to offer advertisers who fit the bill in this area. Please join me in welcoming our newest supporters; Extreme Food Storage, PurifiCup, and Firearm Apparel. We only work with people we not only believe have great products that our readers can use, but also have a high regard for excellent customer service.

The UK Preppers Radio Network: The PurifiCup

We recently tested and reviewed the PurifiCup. We just got word that it has been tested by a team of survival instructors and their will a discussion about it this Friday on the UK Preppers Radio Network . 

PurifiCup Happy Birthday USA Giveaway

In response to our recent review of the PurifiCup and in celebration of our great nations birthday; the awesome folks at PurifiCup would like to give one away to a lucky reader of ours. It is the same model we tested here. So if you want to get in on this awesome gesture, here is what you will need to do:

Gear Review: The PurifiCup

Survival. A very simple term that carries a lot of weight. The meaning between life and death. What determines survival? Having the skills and resources to survive any adverse situation you may encounter. You will not survive without the basic life sustaining necessities. One of those is clean water. We know that many of our readers are always looking for ways to stay prepared, so it becomes our responsibility to test gear that will be beneficial to you.