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Revolution Trailer: “It’s Gonna Turn Off, and It Will Never, Ever Turn Back On

A new series this Fall from NBC looks like an exciting must watch for preppers (and we think some non-preppers may just be swayed into at least putting something awayfor an emergency).

Check out the brand new 2012 Spyderco knives

Spyderco is a brand well-known for innovation, unique designs and quality, which is why we’re so excited for this year’s batch of brand new Spyderco knives. Here’s a look at a few of the most anticipated new blades you can buy today.

The Survival Mom Teaches You How To Prepare More, Panic Less

Over the last dozen years we’ve witnessed events in America and around the world that have proven one thing: sometimes, really bad things happen. We’ve seen thousands die in terrorist attacks on our own soil, residents of an entire U.S. city transformed into refugees almost overnight after, generations of families swept away by Tsunamis, economic and financial collapse that has wiped out decades of retirement savings, millions losing their jobs and forced into the government safety net for survival, and most recently, a nuclear disaster that...

Hitting The Trails: Trekking Poles

As part of our beginner hiking series for the prepper; we will review gear which we feel is necessary for (or can help) your hikes. For some of our readers, this information is not new, but for some it is. If you have been following this series, you already know that I am green when it comes to this subject. With that being said; my experiences are genuinely that of a first timer. So let’s talk about trekking poles.

Doomsday Preppers Episode Sneak Peek: Nine Meals Away From Anarchy

The kind folks at Nat Geo Channel have given us the opportunity to preview the upcoming installment of Doomsday Preppers: Nine Meals Away From Anarchy. Though I have been following this season of Doomsday Preppers as you can see by my review of last week’s episode here, I was honored and eager to see where the season was headed. Once I received my “top secret” copy of this episode; I could not get it into the DVD player quick enough.

After Armageddon – Full History Channel Documentary

What trials and tribulations will society face after a collapse of the world as we know it? Watch After Armageddon in full below. Parts 1 through 9 (Approximately 1 hour, 26 minutes). You can also view the full playlist at Youtube.

Survival Adventure Network – Video

One of the productions that Canterbury’s Pathfinder School has created, is a project called the Survival Adventure Network. The episode below, entitled Deer Camp, is a documentary video of a group of everyday people placed in a pretty realistic wilderness survival scenario – “Real People engaged in True Survival Training Scenarios.” With a minimum of provided supplies, the participants are given freedom to create their own shelters, explore their surroundings, and utilize whatever they can find.