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For Some, Being A “Prepper” Will Get You Killed

Yes I said it. For some, if not most, being a “Prepper” will get you and your loved ones killed. Is this a bold statement? I believe it to be, but it is a fact. While all over the Internet you read, SHTF this and SHTF that. So let’s stop bullshitting one and other because everyone knows the truth. In the end it will be survival of the fittest. You can spend 100K on a shelter, gear, food, etc. and still become one of the poor saps who didn’t survive. Imagine you have all that cool “stuff” and you are forced to...

Poverty Prepping: How to Stock up For Tomorrow When You Can’t Afford To Eat Today

I saw this book and felt that I needed to share it with our readers. Since the downturn in our economy, most folks are on a tight budget and are unable to afford the luxuries they want. But that does not mean you have to go without what you need. So take a look at this book and let the discussion begin!!

5 Prepper YouTube videos worth watching

If you have a bit of time on your hands check out some of these popular YouTube videos.  Water and food storage, get home bag construction, communications and bugging out are all popular topics covered.  Of course I have written about all of these topics but it never hurts to explore other people’s opinions.  Enjoy!

Everyday Preps – Ammunition and Food Are Good To Have, But Not Enough

When people talk about “preps” they’re usually talking about things like ammunition and food – both of which, obviously, are good things to keep handy in the event the SHTF. But, it’ll also be good to keep your teeth – otherwise you’ll have trouble eating that food – and the ammunition you use to down those deer won’t do you much good without a blender.

Prepping With Disabilities

There are many articles and guides out there regarding preparedness and prepping. We always talk about the same ideas of food storage, bugging out, etc., but rarely is the topic of preparedness for a person with disabilities discussed. So I thought we would start here and keep this topic going to inform our readers.