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Review: The Prepper’s Cookbook

Store what you eat and eat what you store. How many times have you heard that prepper’s advice?


We found these to be very cool and wanted to share them with you all.

Testing Edible Plants

Food is a pretty popular subject in the world of survival. Surprisingly, food is really not at the top of your list of needs. Despite its relatively low rank on the list of needs, it is typically at the top of most want lists. Now, just because it isn’t physically necessary, doesn’t mean food should just be ignored. It can go a long way to making a person feel better, which is just as important in a survival situation.

Basic Bread

We thought this would be a good recipe to keep in your prepper cookbook, brought to you by our guest contributor Preppergal11 I wanted to share with you a simple bread recipe. I use this recipe all the time at home and it is really easy to make with things that most people have in their long term food storage. The recipe: 1 lb flour (regular, all purpose flour or whole wheat) 2 tsp of yeast (we keep our yeast in the fridge but you can also cultivate wild yeast in a SHTF situation, I’ll cover that later) 1 tbsp salt 1.5 cups of warm water (not...