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Radio Show: On the Edge with Kelly Worden

Everyone should always seek information from experts out in the field. Whether it is survival, homesteading, or preparedness we shouldn’t give up on our quest for knowledge and skills.

Communication Items You’ll Want Before TSHTF – Part 1

Having good radio equipment is important for many reasons.  What will you do when there is no Internet?  What will you do when there is no cellphone service?  How will you know what’s going on in other parts of the country, let alone the world?  Radio signals don’t need an intermediary, they just bounce all over the earth and are received by radios.

The UK Preppers Radio Network: The PurifiCup

We recently tested and reviewed the PurifiCup. We just got word that it has been tested by a team of survival instructors and their will a discussion about it this Friday on the UK Preppers Radio Network . 

Prepper Radio Network

If you have not had the chance to check out the Prepper Radio Network, well you should. They provide great information and keep their listeners up to date on anything regarding preparedness. Here is the information from there website: Prepper Radio Network (PPRN) – (KPRN-DB) in S.E. Oklahoma The Prepper Podcast Radio Network (KPRN-DB) was conceived and founded by John Milandred in August of 2010 from the first (Prepper Podcast by Matt. J in 2009 and is a website oriented to individuals who believe in being aware, being prepared, and having...