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What Is Situational Awareness?

Self defense, or survival, involves much more than just “techniques”. You must understand how the body reacts to fear. You must understand the nature of stress.   You must also understand that if you react to a situation as soon as it gets physical you have reacted too late. You must Pre-react, you must first size up the situation.


One in six Americans are now on food stamps, amounting to 20 percent of all American households and 47.6 million individuals. A record $80 billion was spent on the food subsidy program last year, but an across-the-board cut is scheduled to go into effect on November 1. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), food stamp payments will decrease by $36 per month for a family of four (currently each household receives an average of $272 per month). Could the decrease in funding lead to riots?

12 Survival Items You May Have Overlooked

When we talk about survival, there are certain items that immediately come to mind. We start with the discussion of beans, bullets and band-aids. This logically flows to having at least a 30 day supply of food, firearms and ammo to defend your home or retreat and medical instruments and supplies to take care of a variety of injuries in an emergency. This gets you the basics and then we talk about extending those provisions to last longer time periods, support more extreme scenarios or to include additional bodies.

Lost in the wilderness: 72-year-old man survives 19 days, eating lizards, squirrels

When he came to, Gene Penaflor knew he had to do something. He didn’t know how long he’d been unconscious; just that he was in the wilderness, a man of 72 who had lost his way while hunting deer. He had to quickly figure out how to survive, what to eat and drink, and how to stay warm. And for almost three weeks, Penaflor did just that: subsisting on a diet of lizards, frogs and squirrels.

9 Mistakes Typically Made by Preppers

Once upon a time I was a novice prepper and there are days that I still feel that way. Having chosen the prepper lifestyle, I always find myself in search of that next greatest thing – whether it is a piece of gear, a new type of freeze dried food, a fabulous new prepping book or a DIY survival skill or even looking into shipping containers from somewhere like as a good option for housing. No matter what it is, there always seems to be something out there to capture my attention.

Too Poor To Prepare?

This is something EVERYONE is facing now. With the consistent decline of the middle class, even the wealthy are scaling back. So we feel everyone can help out a little and this was some sound advice.

For Some, Being A “Prepper” Will Get You Killed

Yes I said it. For some, if not most, being a “Prepper” will get you and your loved ones killed. Is this a bold statement? I believe it to be, but it is a fact. While all over the Internet you read, SHTF this and SHTF that. So let’s stop bullshitting one and other because everyone knows the truth. In the end it will be survival of the fittest. You can spend 100K on a shelter, gear, food, etc. and still become one of the poor saps who didn’t survive. Imagine you have all that cool “stuff” and you are forced to...