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Prepper and Reality TV Star PJ Vinch Has Property Raided Over Fears of “Bunkers” and ‘Guns”

Tonight on the Bob Tuskin Radio Show at 6 PM EST, we bring on PJ Vinch, a vocal activist from the New Jersey area who recently became the victim of a police raid. PJ stars in a reality TV show on TRUTV called “Bear Swamp Recovery”, and he has appeared on the Bob Tuskin Show in the past to discuss the importance of prepping.

North Carolina Police Lieutenant Warns Of Plans For Martial Law In 2013

In this broadcast of the Cybertribe News Network, a North Carolina Police Lieutenant calls in to give his first hand knowledge of preparations being made within his own department to train and prepare for martial law in the United States, possibly in the coming year.

Murder, Rape, Robbery and Assault Skyrocket In Bankrupt Stockton, California

As more towns and municipalities across the country are forced into bankruptcy due to reckless spending and lowered tax revenues, residents of once quiet neighborhoods are waking up to the reality that life as they know it is changing drastically. In Stockton, California, which declared bankruptcy earlier this year, your chances of becoming a victim of a violent crime such as murder, rape, robbery or assault are 1 in 70, which is nearly four times higher than the national average.

Double amputee in wheelchair shot dead by Houston police

Let me start with saying after I read this, I was absolutely disgusted. I think the line has been drawn and we are seeing a police state. Keep in mind they were answering a call at a home for the mentally ill. So you know damn well there will be some sort of a problem. Is there a bad apple in every bunch, yes. But this is ridiculous. Is this where we are headed? What are your thoughts?

Police Shooting in Anaheim Leads to Violent Clash – RAW FOOTAGE & NEWS

We need to keep up on current events!! Tensions are high and do I believe the crap is going to hit the fan? Yes!! Why you ask? Though I hate mainstream media, the events speak for themselves. As I am unaware of what occurred in Anaheim; I just DO NOT agree with how the protests are being handled. Letting a police canine loose near women pushing baby carriages, pointing a scattergun near them as well. Not cool.

Policing For Profit: “I Absolutely Would Not Believe That This Could Happen In America”

You may think your biggest threat when carrying any amount of cash over $1000 is a thief or armed robber, but you’d be wrong. Your most immediate concern is not being robbed by a criminal, but rather, by the very people who are supposed to serve and protect the public.

‘Sovereign citizen’ movement now on FBI’s radar

WASHINGTON — With the FBI pounding on his door, and his wife and two children barely awake, Shawn Rice allegedly strapped on a bulletproof vest, grabbed a semiautomatic pistol and stepped out his back door on Dec. 22. But dozens of FBI agents and local police had surrounded the ranch house in Seligman, Ariz., about 80 miles west of Flagstaff, and the only nearby cover was knee-high sagebrush. Rice ducked back inside, and warned the FBI to keep away.