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Series Preview: Prepper Fitness

Two aspects of preparedness that preppers always overlook are physical and mental fitness. All over the Internet we hear about what to do when the shoo shoo hits the fan or the zombie apocalypse. The biggest gun, best bug out bag, and the coolest tactical gear are the hot topics. But all of that crap is not going to do you any good if you succumb to cardiac arrest in the first few moments of a disaster. It will give the next guy some free gear though. Sad but true.

Preparedness And Fitness

When we discuss preparedness, we usually refer to “stuff”. I mean, tools, food, etc. But how much emphasis do we really put on fitness. Notice I did not say physical fitness. In my opinion, being prepared requires physical and mental fitness, or we can refer to this as preparation. I know most of our readers have read many books on TEOTWAWKI and SHTF scenarios. Some are very realistic, while others are just good stories. The common thread in each one of them is the fact that the characters are faced with a high level of both physical...