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Paracord: 101 Uses

Like the next guy or gal, I love paracord. It is a handy tool that has multiple uses, but have you ever heard of 101 uses for it? While researching information on the Internet, we came across a video that while it had come funny in it, it also had some great ideas we felt we should share with our readers.

Gear Preview: 8 Legs Web Belts

You are out and about and you need to tie or restrain something. You don’t have any rope or string on you, so what could you do? If you have visited survival gear sites and the such, you are familiar with the paracord bracelets and lanyards, but rarely do we see belts. I ran across 8 Legs Web Belts and found some really neat looking belts made out of paracord.

Survival Straps Paracord Accessories

We have seen many uses for paracord, the possibilities are limitless. But in recent years there has been an increase in purveyors of paracord bracelets. Not only are they stylish, but very practical in the sense of saving your rear in a tough situation. I like being prepared, but being fashionably prepared is not bad either. The team at Survival Straps have taken paracord to a new level. They offer many styles of military spec 550 paracord bracelets for men, women, and children. They offer watch straps, luggage tags, lanyards, and heck, even belts...