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MERS virus: a “threat to the entire world”, says World Health Organization

The new Sars-like respiratory illness which has killed half of the people who have been infected with it is a “threat to the entire world”, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned.

Avoiding Typhus Post-Collapse

Typhus is also caused by lice, not the head lice type, but the body louse. There is always an emergence of typhus during wars, after natural disasters and when homelessness or lack of sanitation increases. Typhus in camp environments is commonplace.

WHO: New flu passes more easily from bird to human

BEIJING (AP) — A new strain of bird flu that emerged in China over the past month is one of the “most lethal” flu viruses so far, worrying health officials because it can jump more easily from birds to humans than the one that started killing people a decade ago,World Health Organization officials said Wednesday.

China bird flu: Two men die in Shanghai

Two men have died in the Chinese city of Shanghai, after contracting a strain of bird flu not previously known in humans, Chinese officials say.

Pennsylvania Hospital Erects Tent for Flu Outbreak, CDC Says ‘Worst in a Decade to be 2013′

The CDC warns ‘the worst flu outbreak in a decade is to be in 2013′. Lehigh Valley Hospital has now erected and staffed an emergency triage tent to take in an increasing number of flu victims.

Seal flu could pose a new threat to human health, scientists have warned… get ready for the vaccine hysteria

Seal flu could pose a new threat to human health, scientists have warned. A new flu virus identified in American harbour seals has the potential to pass to other mammals, including humans, say experts. The H3N8 strain was discovered after the death of 162 New England harbour seals last year.