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California’s Record High Fuel Prices a Glimpse of Things to Come

Gas stations in California are locking their doors as they run out of fuel. Today prices have reached a record-setting high of an average of $4.61 per gallon, with many stations charging premium prices for the limited amount of fuel on hand.  The current shortages and price increases are a harbinger of the rapidly changing situation across the country.

Gas Prices Expected To Continue Rising This Spring

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, gas prices are up again this week. Monique Griego has the latest on when and if they’ll come down anytime soon. Gas stations continue to pump out the pain.

Recovery Ending Event: Big Oil Insider Warns of $5 Gas This Year

U.S. consumers may be able to ignore continued warnings about economic and political instability by avoiding the news and burying their heads in the sand when water cooler conversations pop up, but what they will not be able to ignore is paying $40 more every time they pump gas into their minivans.