The NSA Has A Tool That ‘DVRs’ Every Phone Call In A Country For A Month

A new report from The Washington Post outlines a tool that lets the NSA record every phone call in a country for a entire month, then replays entire conversations as needed. Think of it like a DVR of every conversation that occurs over a rolling 30-day period — including any conversations involving Americans. The retrieval tool is called RETRO, building off of a voice call collection program called MYSTIC that was introduced in 2009. According to the Post report, written by Barton Gellman and Ashkan Soltani, which combines confidential interviews...

Neuro-Electro-magnetic Frequency Weapons

Once in a while we come across some way out there stuff that we have to share with you. If this is true, then we are in trouble. Stay tuned as our aluminum foil hats will go on sale! What are your thoughts? One of the tool used by the military in behavior modification and mind-control is the remotely operated electromagnetic frequency weapons. These weapons use microwave, ELF (Extremely Low Frequencies) and acoustics frequencies to covertly manipulate the minds of persons under attack. The use of frequency weapons upon humans toward behavioral control...

Report: NSA collecting e-mail and IM contacts globally

The National Security Agency has been collecting contacts from people’s personal e-mail address books and instant messaging accounts in an effort to detect relationships that might be crucial to government security, the Washington Post is reporting.


On Wednesday night, Glenn Greenwald, of the Guardian, posted a classified order from the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that everyone should read. It directs a Verizon division, Verizon Business Network Services, to turn over:

NSA Whistleblower: All Americans Under Surveillance

The Conspiracy Facts finally come to light…

NSA Insider: You Are the Target: “They’re Pulling Together All the Data About Virtually Every U.S. Citizen in the Country”

Few Americans would believe that the government has the technological capability and wherewithal to monitor, track, log, and analyze the everyday activities of American citizens. The idea that the National Security Agency, an organization responsible the collection and analysis of foreign communications and foreign signals intelligenc, would operate on US soil to turn the surveillance apparatus on the people they are tasked with protecting has up until now been reserved for conspiracy theorists and Hollywood movies.

NSA: It Would Violate Your Privacy to Say if We Spied on You

The surveillance experts at the National Security Agency won’t tell two powerful United States Senators how many Americans have had their communications picked up by the agency as part of its sweeping new counterterrorism powers. The reason: it would violate your privacy to say so.