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LOL!! North Korea Says Release Of American Comedy Film Would Be ‘Act Of War’

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Editors Note: We can’t stop laughing. Seems “Little Kim” is upset.  SEOUL, South Korea –  North Korea is warning that the release of a new American comedy about a plot to assassinate leader Kim Jong Un would be an “act of war.” If the U.S. government doesn’t block the movie’s release, it will face “stern” and “merciless” retaliation, an unidentified spokesman for North Korea’s Foreign Ministry said in state media Wednesday. He didn’t mention the movie by name but was...

Earthquake Off Coast Of North Korea: Did Kim Jong-Un Carry Out A Nuclear Test?

An earthquake off the coast of North Korea today sparked fears Kim Jong-Un may have carried out his threat to conduct more nuclear tests. The magnitude-five tremor was detected 80 miles from the Korean Peninsula at around 3.48am local time (7.48pm yesterday GMT), according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS). It comes just two days after the sabre-rattling state threatened to launch a ‘new form’ of nuclear power tests – and hours after the North and South exchanged artillery fire near a disputed sea boundary in a heightening...

North Korea Launches Mid-Range Missiles

North Korea has fired two medium-range missiles into the sea off its east coast, a move Seoul and Washington immediately slammed as a provocation. South Korea says the suspected Rodong ballistic missiles fired early Wednesday flew about 650 kilometers before landing in the sea between Korea and Japan. That represents an escalation for Pyongyang, which has test-fired a series of short-range Scud missiles in recent weeks. Seoul’s Defense Ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok called the move a “serious provocation” and noted it was meant...

North Korea Developing Electro-Magnetic Pulse Weapons

South Korea’s spy agency said on Monday that North Korea was using Russian technology to develop electro-magnetic pulse weapons aimed at paralyzing military electronic equipment south of the border.

BREAKING: North Korea warns US of ‘horrible disaster’, places military on alert

Warning of a “horrible disaster,” North Korea placed its military on high alert on Tuesday as it continued to ramp up the rhetoric against the United States and South Korea. Citing “imperialist aggression” and American military training maneuvers in the region, along with the moving of an aircraft carrier and other U.S. ships into a South Korean port, a spokesman for the North’s military said they were reexamining their operation plans to, “keep themselves fully ready to promptly launch operations at any time.” “The U.S. will...

Pentagon report shows N. Korea capable of arming missile with nuke, officials downplay finding

Obama administration officials scrambled to downplay the errant disclosure of a classified portion of an intelligence report finding that North Korea has advanced its nuclear knowledge to the point that it could arm a ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead. The analysis, disclosed Thursday at a hearing on Capitol Hill, says the Pentagon’s intelligence wing has “moderate confidence” that North Korea has nuclear weapons capable of delivery by ballistic missiles but that the weapon was unreliable.

South Korea Upgrades Alert Status To ‘Vital Threat’

North Korea has started moving weaponry to its Eastern coast facing Japan. There are signs according to officials that the North could fire Musdan, Scud and Nodong missiles either simultaneously or in quick succession. Japan is on high alert following the move and have deployed Patriot missile batteries to strategic areas.