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5 Regrets Of The Dying

After many years of feeling unfulfilled at her job, Bronnie Ware set out to find something that resonated with her soul. She ended up in palliative care where she spent many years helping those who were dying. Some time later, she compiled a list of the 5 most common regrets expressed by the people she cared for. The list she collected gained huge popularity, and we are sharing it with you here today because it’s something all of us should keep in mind. Even though it can be hard to think about, this stuff is really important for your happiness...

Stand And Deliver – Part I

I like The Walking Dead television show. There I said it and it is no longer a secret. Why do I like it you ask? Is it for the zombies or blood and gore? Not at all. It is for the pure humanism involved in the story line.

Mental Rehearsal

This article is a re-post of an article that I posted on my old zombie blog.  That blog was created out of boredom and was really pre-preparedness for me.  So, please excuse all the zombie references.  In the Walking Dead, episode 4 (Vatos), the crew that goes back into the city has to come up with a way to grab the cache of guns that Rick left in the middle of the street.  At one point, Glenn comes up with the plan. Impressed, Dylan asks him what he used to do for a living.  Glenn responds that he was a pizza delivery guy.

Fear Itself

If we were to pinpoint the one pervasive emotion in society today, it would be fear.  People all around you are fearful of almost everything.  They fear the police.  They fear the IRS, ATF, TSA and all the other “alphabet police”.  They fear losing their job.  They fear loosing their house.  They fear their city or town government.  And they fear the mother of them all – fear of continuing life without enough money to maintain their current lifestyle (or at least the one they remember from a decade ago).  Most people rationalize these...

Preparedness And Fitness

When we discuss preparedness, we usually refer to “stuff”. I mean, tools, food, etc. But how much emphasis do we really put on fitness. Notice I did not say physical fitness. In my opinion, being prepared requires physical and mental fitness, or we can refer to this as preparation. I know most of our readers have read many books on TEOTWAWKI and SHTF scenarios. Some are very realistic, while others are just good stories. The common thread in each one of them is the fact that the characters are faced with a high level of both physical...