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Fitness Gear Review: Magnum Boots Intrepid HPi Training Shoes

As part of our Prepper Fitness Series, we will review gear that we feel is an essential part of any preparedness program when it comes to fitness. One key component to achieving the best workout is to keep your feet happy. As funny as this may sound; it is not far from reality.

Preview: New Outdoor Shoes from Magnum Boots

Magnum Hiking Boots
We were able to get a pic that was taken at the SHOT Show of some new shoes that the folks at Magnum Boots are coming out with. As you can see, they look like good candidates for hiking or trail boots/shoes.

Magnum Boots Sidewinder HPI

If you have to train in harsh places, nothing is more important than quality footwear. If you can’t walk, you can’t train. The folks at Magnum Boots take this concept seriously with their designs. The Sidewinder HPI in Multicam just might fit your needs. The Sidewinder is designed for mountainous terrain and the rubber is designed to endure harsh environments. If you are looking for new footwear for your gear, give Magnum’s Sidewinder’s a look. 2.2mm suede upper / 1200 denier nylon panel for breathability ion-mask™ hydrophobic...

Magnum Boots Intrepid HPi Running Shoes

The team at Magnum Boots has just released a new model of running shoes; the Intrepid HPi. I know our readers would agree that keeping your feet happy will make a difference in your day. Since Magnum has met the demands of uniformed professionals all over the country, they know what it takes to keep people moving. They have created a 3D counter-balance heel which assists the user in stability while running or jogging. But hold the phone. They also have come up with something called ion-mask. The name sounds cool, but the description is cooler....