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Gear Review: Spyderco Matriarch 2 W/Emerson Opener & Keen Edge P17 Trainer

Spyderco Matriarch 2 Review Prepper Central
Do preppers like knives? I would have to say the answer is yes they do. This would be considered a biased statement as many folks love sharp and pointy objects. I warned you that this year we are going to be diving into many reviews and different subjects. I consider edged weapons to be a skill that should be taken seriously and used wisely if ever needed.

How To Keep Your Knife Sharp

We discuss how important it is to have skills when it comes to preparedness. You have always heard me say that you can have all the tacti-cool gear in the world, but if you don’t have the accompanying skills, you are pretty much dead in the water. When we talk about skills, we are also referring to having the ability to maintain your gear.

Basic Knife Fighting

The knife. It’s a versatile tool which can be used for both utility and self defense. Before we go any further, I have to use the statement, “please make sure to check with your local, state, and federal knife laws” before you get yourself in trouble. There I said it. Moving on.

A Serious Knife… The Karambit

Let’s take a look at another alternative to when the bullets run out, or you simply cannot use a firearm. I love sharp and pointy things just as much as those that go bang! A blade is a tool. One of utility and of self preservation. If you haven’t begun to ad these to your preps, you better get started.

How to pick between a serrated knife and a plain-edged blade

There are advantages and disadvantages between serrated knife blades and plain blades. The most sensible answer is to carry a folding knife that has both types of blades, or to get one with an integrated blade that has serrations for a portion of the blade’s length. There are situations (when you can’t afford to have multiple knives laying around, for instance), when you’re going to wind up having to pick one or the other.

Check out the brand new 2012 Spyderco knives

Spyderco is a brand well-known for innovation, unique designs and quality, which is why we’re so excited for this year’s batch of brand new Spyderco knives. Here’s a look at a few of the most anticipated new blades you can buy today.

CRKT Ikoma Sampa Knife Giveaway

That’s right guys! ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!!! The past few months I’ve been carrying aCRKT Sampa by Brazilian Knifemaker Flavio Ikoma off and on for the purpose of a review. Well several months ago I got away from reviewing blades on the site so I could primarily focus on gun reviews.