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UPDATED: Heavy Explosion, Many Casualties In North Iran

The Iranian news agency reported a heavy explosion Tuesday in the northern city of Qazvin. The agency said many casualties are expected. The city of around 1.1 million people was once an ancient capital of Persia. It is located about 100 miles northwest of Tehran. We will keep you updated on any further information. Source UPDATE: The blast may be related to nuclear development in Iran, according to the Los Angeles Times. Iranian officials in the past have strongly denied claims by Mujahedin Khalq Organization, or MKO, a cult-like Iranian exile...

Approaching Iranian Warships Raise EMP Threat

National security experts have expressed alarm over the announcement by Iran that it will position its warships off the coast of the United States, from where they could launch a nuclear warhead to explode at high altitude to create an electromagnetic pulse.

From Sources at the Highest Levels of the Israeli Government: Obama Threatens Netanyahu Over Iran: ” You need us. We don’t need you.”

The public rift that has developed between U.S. President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may be much more serious than Obama simply not being able to meet this week due to a busy schedule.

Within Weeks: Israel Plans to Launch Attack on Iran Before U.S. Presidential Elections

It’s almost go-time in the Middle East. Despite sanctions imposed by the West, the Iranians have refused to make any changes to their nuclear ambitions, insisting that they are not developing nuclear weapons.

US and Israel to hold largest ever joint military exercise

Israel and the US are set to hold their largest ever joint military exercise in October, featuring thousands of soldiers and advanced anti-missile defense systems, and simulating simultaneous fire from Iran and Syria.

War with Iran Imminent: In Days Not Weeks

This week, Congress is considering two pieces of legislation relating to Iran. The first undermines a diplomatic solution with Iran and lowers the bar for war. The second authorizes a war of choice against Iran and begins military preparations for it. H.Res.568: Eliminating the Most Viable Alternative to War – The House is expected to vote on H.Res. 568. Read the resolution. Section (6) rejects any United States policy that would rely on efforts to contain a nuclear weapons-capable Iran. Section (7) urges the President to reaffirm the unacceptability...

Israeli TV report shows air force gearing up for Iran attack, says moment of truth is near

A major Israel TV station on Sunday night broadcast a detailed report on how Israel will go about attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities in the event that diplomacy and sanctions fail and Israel decides to carry out a military strike.