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Using & Caring for an Axe

A pair of great axe related videos from bushcraft guru Ray Mears. First up is on choosing and using a bushcraft/backpack/BOB sized axe, after the jump is how to care for your axe. Some Gransfors content for the axe afficianados…

Magazine Reload Drill

I’ve been promising to do this for a while now, so here it is Ebbs! Hopefully this will help you guys when you train or if you decide to run a combat effective gun at one of those competitions or something.

Rifle Shooting Form – How to Shoot

Welcome to this How to Shoot Gun Review from Haus of Guns! If you’re unfamiliar with our“Beginner’s Guide” and “How-To” series of post, they go live every Friday morning as an ongoing development to help beginners and rookies new to our sport learn skills they may not otherwise learn from an experienced marksman.

Video: How to Hold a Gun (Rifle)

From our friends at Haus of Guns. Even if you know how to properly hold a rifle; some folks have never held or discharged a firearm. So please check out this how-to.

Hitting The Trails: Initial Thoughts

Yesterday was day number two of my hiking adventure and I will say I have learned much more. I did not write about the first day as I only put two miles in that day because I was really taking in the scenery. But yesterday was one of the coldest days we have had this Winter and I was able to complete six miles on the trails. It was great to increase the hike by four miles.