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Is Your Home Really Secure? *Video*

If you are like me, you go through a lockdown routine every evening by making sure all doors and windows are locked. All exterior lighting is on and there is nothing out of place outside. This almost seems ritualistic. If you don’t do something like this, I believe the video below might help you change your mind. When I mention security, I am not only talking about during a time of emergency, I am referencing everyday life. Some folks live in nice neighborhoods and feel, “nothing like that will ever happen here”, this is a false...

Shotguns for Home Defense

Defending your castle. This should not only come naturally but you should always look for ways to improve. One tool that most people look to for home defense is the shotgun. While there are so many choices in the market, there are still some basics that you should follow and think about when it comes to shotguns.

Home Intruder Defense

We see it on the news everyday. The rise in crime ranging from assaults to home invasions and burglary. An essential part of preparedness is having adequate security. Whether it is in your home, office, campsite, etc., you have to take responsibility for keeping yourself and your loved ones out of harms way.

Urban Survival Planning – Reconnaissance and Security Patrols

If the collapse hit and everything falls apart at the seams, and you are either held up in your Urban Home preparing to move to the your Safe Location, or you are on the move to your Safe Location, or, are at you Safe Location – what in the world does Reconnaissance and Security Patrols have to do with your Urban Survival?

Make 12 Door Or Perimeter Alarms For Just $2.49

I found these little Pulling Trick Fireworks on Amazon (you may be able to find similar locally) which are designed for pranking friends and family. They have a  5 inch pull string on each side of a 1.5 inch charge; You rig them on anything that opens such as doors, windows and draws to prank people when they open them… I haven’t tried these myself, but providing they work, it appears to me that they can also be used for security purposes to set door/window alarms and perimeter tripwire alarms.

10 Multipurpose Landscaping Elements That Boost Security

Spring’s coming! While you prepare for another round of gardening and landscaping to feed your family and be more self-reliant, we can give a few insights to consider that will help you boost your security at the same time. Obviously, you should have good security measures like getting a locksmith like https://bobcatlocksmith.com to install secure locks or by having good security cameras but you can also improve your security by landscaping correctly.

Defensive Positions for Movement during SHTF

Many of us have a hard time with watching military related movies and television shows. You see all the bad habits and out right crappy tactics, techniques and procedures where all the guy congregated together, point their weapons at each other, talk loud, have no idea of what conceal or concealment is,…and,…… try as you might to realize that this is a movie or television show, where they all have to fit into the camera frame, it still ruins it for me.