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The Machine RLTW AK-47

  This sexy beast is wearing a coat of tan duracoat. While the prototypes had some color added, typical rifles from Snakehound Machine will not be finished beyond stock parkerizing. Maybe the post of this rifle review should actually be “The ONE MOA AK.” Fair warning, this MAY blow your mind. If you suck at reading and prefer TV then watch the video. Or do both.

Gun Nuts Giveaway

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT letting go of Haus of Guns. It is still 100% THE primary focus of my content publishing attention and the home base of my gun reviews!!! Okay well, Gun Nuts Media isn’t giving anything away. But I AM if you can help me find my way to a staff writer position.

I “NEED” More Guns…. Right?

*Warning: This post contains heavy portions of truth mixed with sarcasm. Proceed with caution. I love mastering a couple of particular guns. Every time I go the range these guys go with me for practice and training no matter what I’m reviewing or focusing on that day: The Glock 22 RTF2, Kahr CW9, most likely the Volquartsen Superlite that is now in my possession and my modified AKM/WASR. Right now it’s these 3 or 4 guns. EVERY time.

First Time Shooting a .338 Lapua Magnum

I mentioned in my NEED List segment a few weeks ago that I REALLY need a .338 Lapua Magnum. Little did I know a buddy came across a screaming deal on a Desert Tactical Arms DT SRS in .338 Lap Mag. The DT SRS is a bullpup styled sniper rifle meaning the primary action lies behind the grip and the trigger allowing the barrel to start closer to the shooter keeping the overall length under 40″ despite the fact the barrel is 26″. IT. WAS. AWESOME.

First Time Shooting the Mosin Scout

Got the Mosin Scout out for the first time this weekend and ran a couple of boxes of 7.62x54R Bulgarian steel cased through it. Here are a couple of observations plus the video shooting it.

Rifle Shooting Form – How to Shoot

Welcome to this How to Shoot Gun Review from Haus of Guns! If you’re unfamiliar with our“Beginner’s Guide” and “How-To” series of post, they go live every Friday morning as an ongoing development to help beginners and rookies new to our sport learn skills they may not otherwise learn from an experienced marksman.

Glock Introduces Gen 4 Pistols in FDE (Flat Dark Earth)

If you hang around the Glock world for any length of time at all you’ve heard about the unicorn of all Glock pistols, the OD Green Glock frames which are no longer in production. Well as of today (April 2, post April fools day) Lipsey’s Firearms Distributors have announced an exclusive deal with Glock in providing dealers with 9 different models (5 of which are Generation 4) of Glock pistols with Flat Dark Earth frames.