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Choose Wisely

I was recently brought into a internet conversation regarding a pistol technique.  Normally I avoid these discussions like the plague, but the prompt came from a friend so I took a look.  This only reinforced my belief that I should never delve into these discussions.  As you can imagine it was a thousand word essay on why his was the right way.

How to Clean a Handgun

Modern semi-autos and revolvers are amazing little machines. Quality handguns built by reputable manufacturers are designed to be rugged and reliable. In fact, they’ve become so dependable it’s easy to forget what they really are: precision-built mechanical devices which are forced to operate under less-than-ideal circumstances. Just like any other machine, handguns need proper cleaning and lubrication to keep them running smoothly.

Could This Be the Ultimate SHTF Handgun?

This is eight double rounds [.45 ACP] with the Arsenal Firearms 2011 Second Century Double Barrel Pistol…in other words, it is 4000 grains of payload sent downrange in about 5 seconds. To achieve the same result with a single barrel 9mm pistol we would need to shoot about 30 rounds, with two changes of magazines, in about 30 seconds.