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Outrage: Bank Of America Freezes Funds of Licensed Online Gun Dealer: “We Believe You Should Not Be Selling Guns On The Internet”

Legal gun ownership in America is under attack on all sides. From pending bans that would restrict the sale, transfer and possession of certain weapons, to outright calls for repeal of the Second Amendment, we are entering an unprecedented era in American history.

More Media Hypocrisy: Newspaper Hires Armed Guards

The Westchester, NY newspaper that enraged gun owners across the country by publishing their names and addresses in true “sex-offender” style, has taken drastic measures to protect its employees. The Journal News has hired armed guards.

Brownells Sells 3.5 Years’ Worth of Magazines in 72 hours

In the face of possible legislation to restrict and possibly ban firearms and magazines over a certain capacity, waves of panic buyers have stripped shelves to the paint, at both retail and online gun stores.

Gun Frenzy: Photos Show How Quickly Stores Across the Nation Are Selling Out: “Lines Out the Door”

After nationwide calls to ban assault rifles and high-capacity magazines following the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Americans concerned about the government’s coming move to restrict the sale, the transfer, the importation and the possession of firearms deemed too dangerous to be in the hands of private citizens are cleaning out gun stores from coast to coast.

Smith & Wesson Announces 48% Surge In Gun Sales

With gun control becoming part of the national debate over the last week in the aftermath of NBC Sports anchor Bob Costas’ comments, Smith & Wesson have announced a 48% surge in firearms sales and a quarterly profit of $21.2 million dollars.

Doom Economist’s Asset Protection Strategy: Buy A Machine Gun… and a Tank

When most economists talk about asset diversification they’ll often recommend a portfolio of stocks, bonds and cash.

Ruger Blows Away Expectations: Gun Sales Surge Ahead of Presidential Election

You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass. Attributed to Isoroku Yamamoto Fleet Admiral of the Imperial Japanese Navy