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Gear Preview: Raven Crest Tactical Jackal Alpha

I know a lot of our readers use knives in many ways. Whether they are used as tools for work and home, self-defense tools, or you just collect them, we know you want the best you can buy without breaking the bank. If you are a fan of automatic knives, especially out-the-front (OTF) knives, we have found a company right here in the United States that makes some really choice looking OTF knives even with options.

Gear Preview: CRKT Redemption – Designed by Ken Onion

We are full speed with our gear reviews for our backpacking / camping series. You should always have a good fixed blade knife with you on the trail or at the campsite. For whatever comes your way; it is better to have it and not need it rather than the opposite. With many knife companies out there, we decided to give a product from CRKT a test drive out in the field.

Gear Preview: RIBZ Front Pack

We are always on the lookout for products we  feel our readers will not just like; but actually benefit from. When we scour the Internet, we find so many bug out bags, go bags, 72 hour bags, etc. While I was looking for gear that would compliment our beginning hiking series, I came across the Front Pack from a company called RIBZ Sportswear located in sunny San Diego, CA.