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Please Welcome Our New Supporters

You know we believe in having the best and most reliable gear when it comes to preparedness. So we wanted to offer advertisers who fit the bill in this area. Please join me in welcoming our newest supporters; Extreme Food Storage, PurifiCup, and Firearm Apparel. We only work with people we not only believe have great products that our readers can use, but also have a high regard for excellent customer service.

Chest Rigs Build To Order From DoomsDay Armory

A short time ago we introduced you to the folks at DoomsDay Armory and let you know that they carry the hottest chest rigs on the market. Well they have take things a step further and I felt it was worth mentioning because I know our readers are ALWAYS looking for the best deal out there.

Video: DIY Plastic Knife Sheath

This video shows how to make a really quick and functional knife sheath out of plastic.

Gear Preview: Mechanix Wear M-Pact Covert Glove

When we talk about gear; we tend to overlook certain pieces of gear that are detrimental to our survival out in the field. Whether you are in the shooting range, or hiking in the mountains, you need to be ready for anything at all times. Isn’t that what preparedness is all about? Well the folks at Mechanix Wear have the same idea.

How to pick between a serrated knife and a plain-edged blade

There are advantages and disadvantages between serrated knife blades and plain blades. The most sensible answer is to carry a folding knife that has both types of blades, or to get one with an integrated blade that has serrations for a portion of the blade’s length. There are situations (when you can’t afford to have multiple knives laying around, for instance), when you’re going to wind up having to pick one or the other.

Simple Survival Tools

In the event of a natural disaster or terrorist attack, certain tools could save your life. Many commercial outfitters advertise elaborate tools that would outfit you like you are ready to go on safari.

Things often overlooked by preppers

More Americans are joining the ranks of “preppers” every day. My last two columns discussed the growing trend of people taking steps to ensure they can be as self-sufficient as possible over the short term in; the event of a natural or manmade catastrophe.