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The 5 Worst Times to Be Without a Flashlight

For those who work with our hands, the day is often never long enough; up before dawn and often still going after dark, to many of us our Maglite is as ubiquitous as our wallet, keys or pocket knife. In honor of our luminescent friend, here is a list of the times we would most regret not having it handy.

Pelican Products 1910 LED Flashlight

The folks at Pelican Products just came out with a new flashlight; the model 1910 LED. This AAA battery powered, LED light, has a steel pocket clip and a push button tail switch.  At 3.6 inches long, and weighing 1.4 ounces with batteries, this may be another ideal choice for a pocket flashlight. Pelican claims you can get an hour of run-time at 39 lumens off of the single AAA battery. This sounds impressive, but we have not put this claim to the test. They do not have an MSRP listing on their web site for this light yet.