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Investigators expose gun control in UN small arms treaty

A team of investigative reporters forAmmoland on Tuesday exposed previously unpublished documents showing that the controversial U.N. Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), also known as the “small arms treaty,” includesgun control for private “small arms and light weapons” as U.S. gun owners feared.

Video: 71-Year-Old Concealed Carry Holder Opens Fire on Two Would-Be Robbers

Late last week, a man heroically defended himself and a group of people against an armed holdup orchestrated by two young men by use of his own concealed weapon. This is how the tragedy in Aurora, CO. could have been averted!!

I “NEED” More Guns…. Right?

*Warning: This post contains heavy portions of truth mixed with sarcasm. Proceed with caution. I love mastering a couple of particular guns. Every time I go the range these guys go with me for practice and training no matter what I’m reviewing or focusing on that day: The Glock 22 RTF2, Kahr CW9, most likely the Volquartsen Superlite that is now in my possession and my modified AKM/WASR. Right now it’s these 3 or 4 guns. EVERY time.

Choose Wisely

I was recently brought into a internet conversation regarding a pistol technique.  Normally I avoid these discussions like the plague, but the prompt came from a friend so I took a look.  This only reinforced my belief that I should never delve into these discussions.  As you can imagine it was a thousand word essay on why his was the right way.

Rawles: “It Would Be Impossible to Disarm the People of This Country”

How likely is it that we will actually experience a disaster that brings down our national power grid? Will the government seize all guns in the United States? If Continuity of Government response plans are initiated, will they be able to effectively lock down every major city and the country as a whole under a martial law scenario?

Why do I need a firearm?

Why do I need a gun? That is a question I often get asked. The next statement they have generally varies, but is normally something like “The police will protect me” or “that would never happen to me.” These are all statements of people that can not see the reality of the world that surrounds us. I can understand not liking firearms, but refusing to learn how to properly handle one is complete denial.

First Time Shooting the Mosin Scout

Got the Mosin Scout out for the first time this weekend and ran a couple of boxes of 7.62x54R Bulgarian steel cased through it. Here are a couple of observations plus the video shooting it.